Dear friends –

Please forgive me the LONG silence!

On our return from America I have been totally sucked into the frenetic day to day of television – in my role as Network Controller – commissioning and producing programmes, overseeing our Network, Production and creative teams as well as compiling minute by minute schedules for May, June and July! – and prepping for our HUGE event in Israel in May –

I PROMISE I will be back with you in JUNE!


NEWS IS – I managed to complete the first hundred first words on paper draft of SON OF PERDITION over Easter – is it going to be a rollercoaster ride!

With the Illuminati, New World Order, Jesuits, Ark of the Covenant, and the ‘Lorcan-Clone’ – but more about that in June.

As soon as I come up for

breath in summer, our team will post some of the latest excerpts from SON OF PERDITION

I just want to thank all of you who are writing to the site with your encouragement and support – IT MEANS MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE!

Please forgive the lack of updates on the web at present! But the whole site will be up dated in June and we’ve got some GREAT updates for you

Until then – I’ll be working flat out – as I know many of you are too – then in summer I’ll be finishing the complete first draft of SON OF PERDITION – with Jason, Adrian and Nick!

God Bless and see you soon –

Love Wendy
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