There could be no bigger canvas for film-making.

Like the novels of Dan Brown and Graham Hancock, Wendy Alec’s “Chronicles Of Brothers” series expands the way one sees the world. Alec not only re-frames pre-history, she also imaginatively illustrates how the realm of spirit impacts the material world.

Vividly weaving biblical interpretation with historical research and original story-telling on a grandly cinematic scale, “Son Of Perdition” follows the stories of three angelic brothers–Lucifer, Michael and Gabriel–and reveals how their parallel destiny with three mortal brothers of a dynastic Illuminati family is destined to bring about monumental events on Earth and in Heaven. There could be no bigger canvas for film-making.

Mark Ordesky (Executive Producer for Lord of the Rings) and Ileen Maisel (Executive Producer for the Golden Compass)

This is the best work of fiction I have read since the last installment of Dean Koontz’ Frankenstein series.

THE FRONT COVER OF Wendy Alec’s “The Fall of Lucifer” says everything you need to know about this novel. Under the title the words “an epic novel” appear, an accurate description of this gripping tale. “The Fall of Lucifer” is indeed nothing short of epic. Opening with the wonders of heaven, Alec creates vivid landscapes and enthralling, emotional plots. The author is obviously a master of the fantasy genre.

“The Fall of Lucifer” is book one of the Chronicles of Brothers. The plot revolves around three archangelic brothers. Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer serve Yehovah, each commanding a third of his angelic host. They live a life both of service and joy, until Yehovah makes a decision Lucifer cannot abide. The decision to make a new creation. A creation built upon Yehovah’s own genetic code.

I think most people are familiar with the Christian idea of the origin of Satan. “The Fall of Lucifer” uses this as the basis of its plot, and it is indeed an intriguing subject. The wonder of this book is often not the plot, but the emotional interplay between characters. How do Michael and Gabriel cope with the defection of their angelic brother- How does Yehovah himself react to an act of treason- The emotional interplay between angelic and demonic characters in the realms of heaven, hell and Earth drew me into this book, capturing my interest in a way few books have recently. This is the best work of fiction I have read since the last installment of Dean Koontz Frankenstein series.

I am generally afraid of Christian fiction. Too often the plot is pushed aside in order to address the theological issues behind the writer’s intent. “The Fall of Lucifer” does indeed contain a fair amount of Christian doctrine, and even quotations from scripture. Wendy Alec has tied this into the plot so well that the storyline never stops moving. While I was led to see the author’s spiritual views at several points in the book, never did this detract from the plot or the emotional tone of the story.

“The Fall of Lucifer” is among the best fiction I have read. This book grabbed my attention in the first few pages, and I was unable to turn away until I had read the final words. I am anxiously awaiting book two in the Chronicles of Brothers. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book so engrossing that it kept me awake at night. This intricate, imaginative, thought provoking fantastic adventure is just that kind of book.

Jim McDonald – 1340Mag – Online Entertainment Magazine

This is quite simply the best piece of thriller fiction I’ve read in a long time.

The FALL OF LUCIFER – Having bemoaned the lack of good quality Christian fiction from the UK The Fall of Lucifer landed on my desk and my plea was answered. This is quite simply the best piece of thriller fiction I-ve read in a long time. Already into its second reprint, the High Street stores are shifting it fast – and so should the Christian retail trade too. This is only the first in a series of six novels and charts the demise of Lucifer, the Prince Regent of Heaven, due to his insane jealousy of a new species created by Yehovah, the human race. It tells of what happened when Lucifer fell and became Satan, King of the second heaven and ruler of the race of men and how his brothers, Michael and Gabriel had to deal with the fall of their much-beloved brother. This is a real page-turner and kept me gripped throughout; its one I will read again. Bring on the next in the series, The Messiah.

Clem Jackson – Christian Marketplace – London, UK

It is carefully detailed, complex and terrifying — enlightening and creative.

In the year 2017 at an excavation site of the Lower Temenos in Jordan, a young archeologist and scholar, Nick De Vere, unearths an ancient casket, reminiscent of the Ark of the Covenant. This golden box is engraved with the royal crest of the -House of Yehovah- and bears three smaller etchings-the seal of the three chief princes, Mikhail, Gabriel and Lucifer. In awe, Nick and his assistants lift the heavy lid from the casket and find two huge, golden-bound codices-angelic writings.

As Nick touches the writing, the Arabic letters instantly transform into English. The book is entitled, -The Secret Annals of the First Heaven- the Fall of Lucifer – as recorded by Gabriel, the Revelator.   You are instantly transported into the First Heaven, a world of unbelievable beauty, a place of shooting stars, twelve pale blue moons, a shimmering beach with huge, luminescent waves and radiant, fragrant gardens not seen on earth, the original garden of Eden. Michael and Gabriel, laughing exuberantly, are racing bareback through the frothing surf.

In the distance from the Palace of Archangels, stands a lone figure with a perfectly sculpted face and crowned with a translucent light who watches his brothers compete in this light-hearted frolic-it is Lucifer, light-bearer and prince regent, beloved of Yehovah.

The three brothers, mighty warriors, dwell in harmony and kinship and eagerly look forward to the occasion when Gabriel, the youngest of the three, will be admitted into the rank of the elder brothers with one third of the angelic host at his command. But Gabriel is tortured by disturbing dreams-dreams of treachery in the heavenly realm. Eventually, he confronts Lucifer with his troubled thoughts but his eldest brother reassures him of his devotion to Yehovah, his love of Christos and his desire only to serve the Most High.

However, when Christos informs Lucifer of the desire to create a new race in the image and likeness of Yehovah, Lucifer is stunned.

When he first realizes that Yehovah is intending the creation of a virtually identical Eden on a small, yet unformed planet, he becomes incredulous and wonders if he has been abandoned by the One he loves. The final blow is delivered to Lucifer when he realizes that the genetic code for the new creation is not angelic DNA but rather that of Yehovah.

What I have described is but the beginning of a tragedy that affected not only the newly created man but the entire angelic host. Wendy Alec delivers a stunning, believable rendition of her concept of this horrific story. -The Fall of Lucifer- is not a quick read, it is carefully detailed, complex and terrifying. It is also enlightening and creative. We see Lucifer as a tortured, conflicted, pathetic entity-he does not arouse sympathy but rather pity.

For those who enjoy speculating on the ambiguous -what ifs,- this novel is likely to appeal to your tastes. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this ambitious book even though I found it a bit dramatic at times. However, to be fair, this was a drama and one that changed not only human history but that of Heaven as well. I look forward to Alec-s next segment of this fascinating look into the lives of angels, their purposes and their impact on mankind.

Elizabeth Channer – Book Opinion