The First Judgement

A strange blazing nova hangs in the skies of the East.

Lucifer’s adversary, the Nazarene is born into the Race of Men.

Lucifer’s demonized magus, the Warlock Kings of the West, forewarn the birth of his arch adversary — “One who will hasten the judgement” with a connection to Christos.

Lucifer’s Black Murmurers report a caste of magi who follow the star.  Lucifer at once dispatches his Black Court Wizards and Grey Magus.

The Black Wizards return empty handed.  The Grey Magus archivists report their findings.  The Archangel Michael’s armies are there.  Lucifer’s suspicions are confirmed.  The infant is none other than Christos, born one of the Race of Man.

Jether — Chief Ruling Elder of the First Heavens’ Twenty Four Heavenly Kings prepares to journey to the cradle of the Universe to retrieve the Seventh Stone — the Stone of Fire.  Once the infant is sealed with the stone, He will be protected from Lucifer’s evil schemings until he turns the age of thirty in the Race of Men.

Lucifer discovers the destination of the Infant King — The Monastry of Archangels in Alexandria, Egypt.  He also discovers that Michael has not received a missive dispatching him to protect the caravan in Egypt.

A breach in time exists where the infant is unprotected.  Vulnerable, Lucifer marshalls his armies, the Necromance Kings, Warlocks of Ishtar and Satanic Princes in a race against time to Egypt to slaughter the Infant King.

A bloody battle ensues.  Michael and Lucifer pit their strength against each other.  Lucifer, the victor, thunders towards the gates of the monastery.  He is too late.

Jether seals the infant with the Stone of Fire.

The gates shut with a mighty shudder.

The Infant King is safe — for a season.

Thirty years later — Lucifer is summoned to the Tower of Winds in the First Heaven to the gathering of High Elders to discuss the terms of Jesus of Nazareth’s residency rights on Lucifer’s planet — Earth.

Yehovah’s plan is unveiled.

A contest must take place — a battle for the soul of the Nazarene.

The same test that Adam and Eve faced against Lucifer and failed — between Lucifer and the full grown Infant King.

Lucifer chooses the location of the contest — a barren wilderness surrounded by wild beasts.

Exhilarated, he returns to Perdition — plotting.  Certain of his victory, Lucifer’s celebration tables are laid in his summer palace about the Babylonian Plains.

The Nazarene turns thirty — They face each other on Mount Quarnel.

Lucifer lays before the Nazarene three temptations of his own making.  The battle for the Nazarene’s soul beings.

He has overplayed his hand.  Humiliated and defeated by the Nazarene, Lucifer returns in his chariot, enraged.  With iron discipline, he restrains his fury and summons the councils of hell to conspire against the Nazarene.

They find a willing vehicle — one of the Race of Men — Judas Iscariot, the Nazarene’s treasurer… with a weakness for Gold.  Lucifer’s Grey Magus infect Iscariot’s dreams.

The Nazarene is betrayed and bound and taken to Golgotha, the Place of Skulls.  Lucifer rains all Hell’s iniquities down upon Him released from the Catacombs of Ichabod.

Lucifer visits Michael and Jether on the pearl sands of the First Heaven in triumph.  “The Nazarene is mine!”

The conflict climaxes at the Place of Skulls – Golgotha.

Lucifer lays claims to the Nazarene’s soul, believing His Blood is defiled from the fertilization of the Christos “seed by His Father” Joseph, and therefore mutated by the Fall of Man.

The Fallen Watch.  Waiting for the Nazarene to draw his final breath.  Lucifer’s trophy.

Moloch and the Butchers of Perdition take savage hold of the Nazarene.  They travel downward at the speed of light to the molten inner core of the Earth’s Perdition.

Lucifer watches in triumph as the Nazarene passes through the Gates of Hell on the shoulders of Moloch’s Butchers.  He shows the Penal Colonies of Hell and the vast shadowlands of the Slumbering Righteous Dead.  Suddenly there is a shuddering as the iron penitentiaries start to crumble before Lucifer’s eyes.  The Nazarene vanishes.

“He would overturn Hell!” Lucifer screams.

 A savage bloody battle rages in the Vaults of the Damned beyond the Penitentiaries of Hell.

The vast armies of the First Heaven wage war with Hell’s fallen hordes.  The Nazarene Warrior — King at their helm.

The Fallen surrender — terrorized.  Michael and Lucifer battle ferociously.  Lucifer lies bleeding in the dirt.  Jether stands over him.  “Joseph was not Jesus of Nazareth’s father.”

The horrifying truth sinks in.

Lucifer has been the pawn to crucify the Nazarene whose blood is undefiled by the blood of the Race of Men.  On Golgotha, he exchanged His soul for the souls of the Race of Men’s Liberty from their tyrant master, Lucifer, Prince of the Damned.

Perdition’s kingdom is ravaged.  Lucifer is defeated.

Lucifer is summoned in chains to the First Judgement on the Plains of the White Poplars.

He returns to Perdition — stripped of his authority — humiliated — determined to avenge his dishonor and sends for the Dread Councils of Hell.

The Warlocks of Ishtar, Grey Magus, Shaman Kings and Demon Witches all converge on the Ice Plains of Gehenna to conspire against the Race of Men — and the Nazarene.

Lucifer will span his own ‘Messiah’.

They reconvene at the turn of Earth’s second millennium.