A Pale Horse

Wendy Alec’s epic Chronicles of Brothers saga continues in the eagerly anticipated fourth book.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse rides…
‘Operation pale horse’ is activated.
the mark of the beast is released
the antichrist rises…


The long awaited ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ‘Axis 10 Accord’ is finalised in Iraq.

Israel is halfway through her denuclearization agreement.

Martial law is declared in London, Dublin, New York…

Sucked into a dark, supernatural world of demonized beings — NEPHILIM — FALLEN ANGELS — UFOS — Jason de Vere, media mogul, runs for his life.

His deadliest enemy, once his closest friend and brother, is now intent on his destruction.

Deep within the bio-containment vaults of St. Michael’s Mount Normandy, Adrian de Vere conspired to stage a global pandemic — as the black plague is released.


The terrible secret that could now set in motion the annihilation of the entire human race.

The day of the Nephilim approaches…


“There could be no bigger canvas for film-making.”
MARK ORDESKY – Executive Producer: ‘Lord of the Rings’
ILEEN MAISEL – Executive Producer: ‘The Golden Compass’

Wendy Alec, the author, was born in London, England. Coming from a background in the arts and media she is a prolific writer. She is creative director of a leading global broadcasting network that she co-founded with her husband


EARTH: 2021
The De Vere Dynasty—Family

  • Jason De Vere — (mid 40s), eldest brother, De Vere dynasty.
    • Place of birth: New York, U.S.A.
    • U.S. media tycoon. Chairman, owner, and CEO of multibillion-dollar media corporation VOX Entertainment. Owns a third of the Western world’s television and newspaper empires. Married to Julia St. Cartier for twenty years. One daughter, Lily De Vere. Divorced.
    • Current residence: Penthouse, Central Park, New York.
  • Adrian De Vere — (late 30s), middle brother, De Vere dynasty.
    • Place of (recorded) birth: London, England.
    • Ex-prime minister of the United Kingdom (Labour, two terms), newly appointed president of the European Union (ten-year term). Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Currently negotiating the Ishtar Accord — the Third World War peace treaty. Married to Melissa Vane Templar for five years. Melissa deceased in childbirth. One son, Gabriel, deceased.
    • Current residence: Winter Palace of the European president, Mont St. Michel, Normandy, France.
  • Nick De Vere — (late 20s), youngest brother, De Vere dynasty.
    • Place of birth: Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
    • Archaeologist, celebrity playboy. Dying of AIDS. No children. Currently in relationship with Jotapa, princess of the royal house of Jordan. Previous relationship: Klaus Von Hausen, senior curator of Department of the Middle East, British Museum.
    • Current residences: penthouses, Los Angeles, New York, London.
  • James De Vere — Father of Jason, Adrian, and Nick De Vere. Deceased.
  • Lilian De Vere — (mid 70s), chair of the De Vere Foundation. Mother of Jason, Adrian, and Nick De Vere. Current residences: penthouse, New York; mansions, Oxfordshire and London.
  • Julius De Vere — grand master of the Brotherhood. Warlock. Chairman of De Vere Continuation Holdings AG. Father of James De Vere. Grandfather to Jason, Adrian, and Nick De Vere. Deceased.
  • Julia St. Cartier — (early 40s), former editor of Cosmpolitan. Present, founder/CEO of LOLA PR. Major clients: England Football Team and European Union Presidential Office. Married to Jason De Vere for twenty years. Mother to Lily De Vere. Divorced. Seeing Callum Vickers. Current residences: seafront town house, Brighton, England; Artists’ Colony, New Chelsea, London.
  • Lily De Vere — (16), Julia and Jason De Vere’s daughter. Confined to a wheelchair following a car accident (Nick De Vere driving). Student at Roedean School for Girls, Brighton, England.
  • Melissa Vane Templar De Vere — Adrian’s wife. Died in childbirth.
  • Rosemary De Vere — James De Vere’s half-sister, Lilian’s companion.
  • Maxim — James and Lilian De Vere’s butler.
  • Pierre and Beatrice Didier — James and Lilian De Vere’s chauffeur and housekeeper. Currently working for Adrian De Vere at Mont St. Michel, Normandy.

The De Vere Dynasty
— Extended Circle —
Friends, Associates

  • Lawrence St. Cartier — (early 80s), Jesuit priest; retired CIA; antiquities dealer. Julia St. Cartier’s uncle. Residence: Cairo, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Alex Lane-Fox — (20) son of Rachel Lane-Fox. Investigative journalist in training, working at the Guardian, London. Starting at New York Times, January 2022. Close family friend of Julia, Jason, and Lily De Vere.
  • Rachel Lane-Fox — supermodel. Julia’s best pal. Killed aboard aircraft in 9/11 attack.
  • Rebekah and David Weiss — Rachel Lane-Fox’s parents.
  • Polly Mitchell — (17), Lily De Vere’s best friend. Alex Lane-Fox’s girlfriend.
  • Klaus Von Hausen — youngest senior curator of Department of the Middle East, British Museum. Former lover of Nick De Vere.
  • Charles Xavier Chessler — (mid 80s), warlock. Former chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank. President of World Bank. Retired. Jason De Vere’s godfather.
  • Callum Vickers — (early 30s), top London neurosurgeon. Seeing Julia de Vere.
  • Dylan Weaver — genius IT specialist holding high-level freelance positions with global banks, institutions, and various software companies. Nick De Vere’s old school friend.
  • Jontil Purvis — (late 50s), long-term executive assistant to Jason De Vere — nineteen years.
  • Levine and Mitchell — Jason De Vere’s aides.
  • Kurt Guber — first head of security at Downing Street, now director of EU Special Services Security Operations. Exotic-weapon specialist.
  • Neil Travis — former SAS, chief of security for Adrian De Vere.
  • Anton — Adrian De Vere’s butler.
  • Father Alessandro — Vatican priest and scientist from the Vatican.
  • Frau Vghtred Meeling — Austrian employee of De Vere household. Nanny to Jason, Adrian, and Nick. Also, Abbess Helewis Vghtred.
  • Brother Francis — monk, Alexandria, Egypt.

The Brotherhood (Illuminati)

  • His Excellency Lorcan De Molay — former superior general of the Jesuit order. Supreme high priest of the Brotherhood, Jesuit priest. Birthplace: indeterminate. Current age: indeterminate. Current places of residence: London, Washington, D.C., Rome.
  • Kester Von Slagel (Baron) — Lorcan De Molay’s emissary.
  • Piers Aspinall — Head of MI6/British intelligence.
  • Charles Xavier Chessler — former chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank. President of World Bank. Retired.
  • Ethan St. Clair — grand master of the Scottish Brothers.
  • Dieter Von Hallstein — former German chancellor.
  • Naotake Yoshido — Chairman of Japan’s Yoshido banking dynasty.
  • Raffaello Lombardi — patriarch of the black nobility family of Venice. Director of Vatican Bank.
  • Julius De Vere — grand master of the Brotherhood. Warlock. Chairman of De Vere Continuation Holdings AG. Father of James De Vere. Grandfather to Jason, Adrian, and Nick De Vere. Deceased.
  • Jaylin Alexander — former executive director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
  • Commander General Omar B. Maddox — NORAD commander.
  • Gonzalez — U.S. Secret Service Presidential Protective Detail.
  • Lewis — deputy secretary of defense.
  • Drew cialisfrance24.com Janowski — special assistant to the president for Defense Policy and Strategy.
  • Werner Drechsler — president of the World Banks.
  • Vincent Carnegie

The Royal House of Jordan

  • King of Jordan — Jotapa, Faisal, and Jibril’s father. Deceased (heart attack).
  • Jotapa — (22), princess of Jordan. In relationship with Nick De Vere. Namesake of ancient Princess Jotapa, who lived over 2,000 years ago.
  • Jibril — (16), Jordanian king’s younger son. Appointed crown prince.
  • Faisal — Jordanian king’s older son.
  • Safwat — head of security and Jotapa’s personal bodyguard.
  • Crown Prince Mansoor of Arabia.

Other Characters

  • Professor Hamish MacKenzie — Scottish genetic scientist, world expert on animal and hybrid cloning.
  • Jul Mansoor — grandson of Abdul-Qawi, Bedouin archaeologist.
  • Abdul-Qawi Aka Jedd — Bedouin archaeologist.
  • Matt Barto — VOX’s Teheran bureau chief.
  • Jordan Maxwell III — investment banker, Neal Black Securities.
  • Powell — Neal Black’s vice president of IT.
  • Von Duysen — colleague of Jordan Maxwell.
  • Laurent Chastenay — assistant to Adrian.

First Heaven

  • Jesus — Christos, the Nazarene.
  • Michael — chief prince of the royal household of Yehovah, commander in chief, First Heaven’s armies, president of the Warring Councils.
  • Gabriel — chief prince of the royal house of Yehovah, lord chief justice of Angelic Revelators.
  • Jether — imperial warrior and ruler of the twenty-four ancient monarchs of the First Heaven and High Council. Chief steward of Yehovah’s sacred mysteries.
  • Xacheriel — Ancient of Days curator of the sciences and universes, one of the twenty-four kings under Jether’s governance.
  • Lamaliel — member of the Ruling Council of Angelic Elders.
  • Issachar — member of the Ruling Council of Angelic Elders.
  • Methuselah — member of the Ruling Council of Angelic Elders.
  • Maheel — member of the Ruling Council of Angelic Elders.
  • Joktan — ruler of Gabriel’s Revelator Eagles.
  • Obadiah, Dimnah — younglings — an ancient angelic race with characteristics of eternal youth and a remarkable inquisitiveness, expressly designed as apprentices to assist the ancient ones in their custodianship of Yehovah’s countless new galaxies.
  • Sandaldor — Gabriel’s general.
  • Zadkiel — Gabriel’s general.
  • Zalialiel — guard of the Portal of Shinar.

The Fallen

  • Lucifer — Satan, king of Perdition. Tempter; adversary; sovereign ruler of the Race of Men, Earth, and the nether regions.
  • Charsoc — dark apostle, chief high priest of the Fallen. Governor of the Grand Wizards of the Black Court and the dreaded Warlock Kings of the West.
  • Marduk — head of the Darkened Councils and Lucifer’s chief of staff.
  • The Twin Wizards of Malfecium — the grand wizard of Phaegos and the grand wizard of Maelageor. The superscientists.
  • Mulabalah — ruler of the Black Murmurers.
  • Astaroth — commander in chief of the Black Horde. Michael’s former general.
  • Moloch — satanic prince, Butcher of Perdition.
  • Sargon the Terrible of Babylonia — champion of Gehenna, great prince of Babylonia.
  • Balberith — Lucifer’s chief attendant.
  • Nisroc the Necromancer — Keeper of Death and the Grave.
  • The Dark Cabal grand wizards — 666 Black Murmurers.
  • Dracul — ruler of the Warlocks of the West, and ancient leader of the Time Lords.
  • Nephilim — A hybrid between the angelic and the Race of Men.

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