Hi guys — Just a quick blog update from my desk – the wind is howling here in England but at least theres a glimmer of blue sky at last! (Would you beleive it! Ive just finished writing my blog and now its pouring and black clouds – Ah well – the weather can be fickle in the UK!)

A HUGE thank you for ALL your emails to this site – its just so fantastic to hear from you – we’ve literally been inundated with your questions and comments and I want to say a huge personal thank you to all of you who have taken the time to write. Your love, support and passion for the project means more than you could imagine! Unfortunately we cant post all of your emails on the site but we’ve chosen some to try to reflect what many of you are asking or saying.

Questions to do with the books characters and storyline well try to post under Q & A in the next weeks but most other comments will be posted at the bottom of the website if you scroll down past the illustrations – they’re there!

Well firstly, this site has literally been inundated with the same question from readers all across AMERICA – WHEN IS MESSIAH GOING TO BE RELEASED IN THE USA?

Lisa wrote from the USA saying – ‘Wendy. I have quite a few teenage guys chomping at the bit for Book II of The Chronicles of Brothers. Is it out yet?’

Rhonda wrote – ‘Why is it so hard to find book nbr two in the U.S.A.? I have nbr 1 in paperback and tried to get the second one and was told couldn’t get it .. I ‘ve been left in suspense! smile ..’ Thanks, Lisa, Rhonda and so many of you who have emailed.


So we’re SO sorry about the wait for Messiah in America. So many readers in the USA have been so supportive and excited about the project. ¬†As soon as there is any news I’ll let you know. PLEASE watch this space as well be giving you updates on this website as soon as we have a clearer picture.


Thanks Antonio from England who said: Not sure what stage you are at with your writing on Son of Perdition but you may want to research the seat no.666 at the UN apparently it is the only seat that has not yet been filled. Seriosuly go check it out. Could be an interesting fact for your book?? Can’t wait for the last book. Blessings-antonio uk

I DID check it out, Antonio – thanks a MILL! – I’m an info junkie and this was really appreciated and will post the findings under Q and A! -Its just fascinating! Very briefly, Im up to page 80 in writing Son of Perdition – will be posting some excerpts on the site soon. I always do a HUGE amount of research for the books – eventually have thousands of pages of internet research and notes – Well I’ve been doing overtime on researching the Illuminati, New World Order, 9-11, the Antichrist etc etc – and some of the things I’m discovering – theres literally just one word for – and that’s CHILLING.

I have to admit that I started out as a huge conspiracy theorist sceptic … and now… well… Son of Perdition is in the works… my stance has radically changed.

In fact the first chapter of Son of Perdition takes place on the 107th floor of the World Trade Centre on the 10th September…

Also Antonio mentioned in his e-mail that he thought that Son of Perdition is the last book of the series. Initially, the series was publicized as a trilogy, but it has rapidly grew to a series of SEVEN books – so Son of Perdition is number three, but the Chronicles saga continues through the great tribulation, Armageddon, the Millenium to the final book number seven – ‘Lake of Fire’!


Okay and finally – you guys are just amazing – Betty wrote that she loved Chronicles so much that she went and bought 7 more of The Fall of Lucifer and gave them to her friends! SEVEN!

We’ve also had offers of translation from some of you who are professionals in the publishing industry and some who just love the books and want to help out with your talents to translate into Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Danish, Korean and French -Also we’ve had offers of help on Chronicles from some talented artists and film technicians – and we appreciate your enthusiasm ALL SO MUCH!

Okay – and finally a blog from a reader that someone had found on the web and sent to me.

I was so moved – because my own life was deeply impacted by writing both Fall of Lucifer and Messiah – COULD SOMEONE PASS THE TISSUES – written by

Jill from the UK.

‘Ok – I’ve found the first book that’s ever made me cry. It’s an historical moment. I know people recommend books all the time including me, but this book is a must read. It’s so flippin amazing! This is the long awaited second book by Wendy Alec – so you have to read the first one as well, which is as equally amazing. I love Jesus a whole lot more after reading 2 of the most amazing chapters last night in bed…

What can I say – except that its things like this that make the blood, sweat and tears.. and grind all worth it! Till next time – W.A.