Latest Updates From Wendy Alec

Dear Chronicles friends –

At last! MESSIAH – THE FIRST JUDGEMENT is FINALLY available in the United States of America! AND MESSIAH is also now available in PAPERBACK both in the UK and the USA – In fact in the UK, the secular store – Waterstones has just ordered a paperback copy of MESSIAH for every store just yesterday!

I just wanted to say such a heartfelt thank all the thousands and thousands of the incredible Chronicles family, who so loved ‘The Fall of Lucifer” and have been desperately waiting for the sequel in the USA – After many long and circuitous months – the sequel ‘Messiah – The First Judgment” is here! We so appreciate your patience!

We had so many challenges in finally getting the second book out into America!

After much heart-searching, as some of you already know, we took the decision to buy the rights back from our original publisher in the USA (which took many months) and decided to take the hard (and extremely challenging) route of self publishing in America until Son of Perdition is complete – It means we are REALLY limited on marketing money – I mean REALLY limited! We print and sell – print and sell day by day! But the excitement that this series generates is unquenchable and we’re just so excited that finally the PAPERBACK of MESSIAH and the brand new complete and unabridged paperback version of FALL OF LUCIFER are now both available in America – through GODSHOP, soon to be here at THE CHRONICLES SHOP right here on this site and also available to order at any retail store on the system – both Christian Bookstores and secular e.g. Barnes and Noble. At this very moment we’re preparing the huge challenge now to actually get it INSTORE not just on the system – as we’re self publishing marketing money to pay for in store is very limited – but every book sale enables us to PRINT MORE BOOKS and get the message out!


– WE HAVE OVER SEVENTYTHOUSAND READERS WHO BOUGHT THE BOOKS IN 2006 IN SECULAR STORES AND WE HAVE NO WAY OF CONTACTING THEM TO TELL THEM MESSIAH IS HERE AND SON OF PERDITION IS ON ITS WAY – if you know anyone who read and loved the first book, please pass the message on that MESSIAH is now available – please also ask your local Christian store and your BORDERS or BARNES and NOBLE or BOOKS A MILLION to STOCK the book – already our team has been told that that many retailers are very excited at the news of Messiah, one said – ‘When we stocked FALL OF LUCIFER – it literally FLEW off the shelves!’ , but every time YOU go into your local store and ask for it – it helps us gain momentum!

ANY HELP – be it word of mouth to your friends and neighbors, going into your local Borders or Barnes and Noble or Christian store is SO SO appreciated by our team here at WARBOYS. – WE WANT TO REACH THE EARTH WITH THE MESSAGE OF THE KING!

Thank you thank you for all your e-mails and excitement – Your passion and love for the story has meant more than you could ever imagine – Although the basic story of “Messiah – the First Judgment” was already in a very basic first draft format, the year after the UK launch of ‘The Fall of Lucifer” suddenly turned into the most hectic year, probably of my entire life!

In the darkest times when I was so frenetically busy with my day job of running the programming side of our TV network launching into the USA on Rupert Murdoch’s Direct TV and could barely breathe… let alone think about Michael, Jether or rewriting some of the more complex and labyrinthine plotlines –

Somehow the messages from passionate readers of “Fall of Lucifer” kept arriving on my desk – and in between reading your e-mails, blogs and MySpace book choices – it was your love, your passion and your desperate impatience (and on occasion no little frustration!) for the sequel “Messiah” – that gave me much of the inspiration and capacity to face numerous, numerous rewrites in between a grueling schedule of producing, over weekends and evenings – over one Christmas and two Easters – in between two teenagers, cats and dogs, drawn out business trips to Washington DC, the capacity to overcome numerous mental blocks not assisted by the strange outpouring of British weather in a summer when the jet stream that normally goes to Iceland decided to ‘cruise’ over us here in the UK! – Where I wrote most of this book under heavy grey cloud and pouring rain in a wonderful nonconformist place where the skies have many moods – called Cornwall in the UK.

I truly believe for all those who so loved the story and ‘got it’, that Messiah is truly a better book. That is my great hope and desire. That with each new book in this epic saga, that the story reaches a new height – that each of the seven books that create the ‘Chronicles of Brothers” is a greater story than its predecessor. That none would ever disappoint those who already so love this story.

“Messiah – The First Judgment” opens in Cornwall in the UK – I remember on one of our rare summer days this year – sitting outside opposite Michael St Mount, having lunch, then driving through the streets to find (for book number Three “Son of Perdition”) possibly where Lucifer’s clone would be created.

Ah! But of course…that is in the next story!

Thank you from my heart for your commitment to and incredible passion for “The Fall of Lucifer” especially from readers from the UK and the USA. The 2021 plotlines that you will find woven throughout “Messiah – The First Judgment” with Jason, Julia, Adrian and Nick is just a small taster of the earth world that the story will thrust us into the frenetic world of “Son of Perdition” – where Lucifer and Michael and Gabriel are interwoven against a backdrop of 2021.

And last but not least – an incredible thank you to all the amazing Chronicles readers who live the other side of the ‘pond’ in the USA – who have been emailing and writing to ask WHERE- WHEN – HOW!!! Do I get my copy of Messiah! We had so many, many logistical challenges including some challenging rights issues – but finally ‘Messiah’ is in your hands.

2008 has been so hectic, I’ve only managed two blogs in the entire year – but I’m about to enter an intensive writing phase for Son of Perdition, so I’ll blog whenever I can progress updates for you – and release a few sneak chapters from forthcoming Chronicles books. We are already preparing a family tree, trivia, planning some merchandise in 2009/10 – as time allows! But most of all we would LOVE to hear from YOU – any encouragement would be welcome on the next long, exciting and grueling Chronicles road with “Son of Perdition” – SOP is already taking on a life of its own and to know you love the story enables me to stay at my computer during long winter nights and through holidays and weekends when my brain cells are frazzled – and I have to connect three worlds of storylines. The first 100 pages of Son of Perdition are written – At present I’m in the midst of a transatlantic move, I’ll pick up Son of Perdition in mid January and hopefully have the final manuscript in between work deadlines completed by August 1 – we’re looking to an October launch of Son of Perdition both in the UK and in America!

So – with great love and appreciation to all who will travel the Chronicles road – seven books later, until we all arrive with Michael and Lucifer at the White Gorge on the eastern shores of the Lake of Fire….

….when this story will finally be told.