Son of Perdition



SON OF PERDITION – the fervently awaited third novel in the Chronicles of Brothers series created by ‘master of the fantasy genre’, Wendy Alec, follows on from the epic best selling Fall of Lucifer and Messiah: The First Judgement at a literally breathtaking pace.

The thrilling fantasy epic tears through the menacing ice hell worlds of Gehenna to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. From the archaeological crypts of the Monastery of Archangels at Alexandria to the Winter Palace at Mont St Michel in Normandy as three worlds ‘ the world of the Fallen, the Angelic and the world of the Race of Men collide.

The story opens in the year 1981, thrusting readers into a dark and sinister labyrinth of covert intelligence operations, elite banking dynasties, 21st century Warlocks and the sinister secret Illuminati Council of 13. Controlled by Jesuit Priest – Lorcan De Molay.

The secret cabals aim to instigate a New One World Order

And to create a clone: their messiah.

It is forty years later – The story jumps to 2021. The Third World War has just ended. The Ishtar Accord ‘ A seven year denuclearization treaty between Russia, The Pan Arab Union and Israel will be signed on January 7 2022. A UN peacekeeping force occupies the Temple Mount and Israel’s boundaries. Solomon’s temple will be rebuilt in the Northern Quadrant.

The Ark of the Covenant is rediscovered.

Prophetic signs mysteriously appear in the skies over London, Washington, Alexandria.

The first Rider of the Apocalypse is released to ride the Arc of the North Wind — The White Rider.

The Son of Perdition will come forth to rule.

A course of supernatural events are unleashed foreshadowing cataclysmic times ahead in the world of the Race of Men as unseen dark forces clandestinely conspire.

Three brothers, heirs to the De Vere banking and oil dynasty — Jason – Media Tycoon, Adrian – President of the European Union and Nick – Playboy Archaeologist are thrust into a sinister world of murder, intrigue, betrayal, and lies as an evil stretching back to before time began orchestrates its malevolent master plan.

One brother carries a secret so deadly that left unchecked will destroy the very fabric of the Race of Men.

For Nick De Vere, the monstrous truth begins to dawn.

Time runs out as he is sucked against his own volition into a mortal battle against the forces of evil that seek to destroy his family — to destroy himself.

The story hurtles towards an unthinkable conclusion as hell worlds and the Fallen clash with the Angelic — The seed of satan — The Mark of the Beast.

The Ten King Confederacy and the Third Jewish temple rebuilt.

Babylon like a Phoenix rises from the ashes.

The stage is set – For the final showdown — In Jerusalem.

Left unchecked – evil will now ravage mankind in Lucifer’s ultimate goal of destruction of the Race of Men.

 As the huge following of the Chronicles saga have already discovered, Wendy Alec’s Chronicles novels are a masterpiece of ancient hidden truths woven into a rich narrative that graphically portray hidden mysteries and buried secrets that once discovered will change the reader’s understanding ‘ forever.

SON OF PERDITION now takes the journey one chilling step further.

The world as you now perceive it ….is about to change.