Dear friends – Please forgive me the LONG silence! On our return from America I have been totally sucked into the frenetic day to day of television – in my role as Network Controller – commissioning and producing programmes, overseeing our Network, Production and creative teams as well as compiling minute by minute schedules for … Read more


Hi guys — Just a quick blog update from my desk – the wind is howling here in England but at least theres a glimmer of blue sky at last! (Would you beleive it! Ive just finished writing my blog and now its pouring and black clouds – Ah well – the weather can be … Read more


A HUGE WELCOME to our brand new .com site – I’m a creative visual junkie and have been intensively designing every graphic and line of the new website with our design and technical team, delving into old and current portfolios of Chronicles conceptual drawings – with the goal to bring YOU, the Chronicle readers a … Read more