Meet Wendy

Photo: Viivi N. Media

Wendy Alec was born in Welbeck Street in the heart of London, England, left the UK at the age of eight and grew up on the shores of the Indian Ocean in Durban, South Africa. Coached in Speech and Drama from nine, it was apparent from an early age that she would follow a career in the Arts. Immediately after leaving school, she trained in Speech and Drama and Music, paving the way for an intensive creative career that would span the next twenty years.

The early 90’s saw her enter the advertising industry as a copywriter, then as Creative Director of a TV commercial production house before launching the UK and Europe’s first religious Television channel on Rupert Murdoch’s SKY platform in the UK in 1995.

As Director of Television and Creative Director of GOD TV, Wendy was mastermind behind the Channels radical creative international branding and programming. The channel is now half the size of CNN, now broadcasting eight separate 24 hour television channels to the UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, the most recent launch to 16 million homes on the Direct TV platform broadcasting across the USA.

In between her highly demanding schedule, between the years 1999 and 2005, Wendy conceptualized the ‘BROTHERS FILM TRILOGY PROJECT’.   During these years she received intensive one-on-one coaching sessions in screenplay writing from two of Hollywood’s most respected screenplay doctors, eventually completing the first draft of the trilogy screen play in 2004.

Photo: Viivi N. Media

Finding herself too busy with the rapidly expanding global television network to start the film development process, Wendy decided to initially develop the project with a seven book epic fantasy series ‘CHRONICLES OF BROTHERS’ just to get the project down ‘on paper’.

By January 2006 the UK version of the first novel of the Chronicles of Brothers series ‘THE FALL OF LUCIFER’ based on the first screenplay was completed. Self published by Warboys in the UK February 2006, debuting in just a few select stores across the UK, word of mouth spread, a cult following developed rapidly and by April Warboys had on their hands the beginnings of a home grown phenomena, Fall of Lucifer’even available in Harrods, London.

In November 2007, the second novel in the series ‘MESSIAH; THE FIRST JUDGEMENT’ was published as a hardback in the UK. By the third week end of release, self published, ‘Messiah’ had charted at number two on the Waterstones’ Sci-Fi/Fantasy chart and had broken through the elusive 100 barrier rating on Amazon.

Even though ‘Chronicles’ was a self published book and there was hardly any marketing money available, word of mouth was spreading rapidly in the UK and USA and by January 2009, the demand for Book Three – SON OF PERDITION was growing like wildfire. Thousands of emails were arriving from passionate readers of ‘Chronicles’ all across the globe ‘ all with one underlying passionate message – ‘Can’t Wait for book Three!- We want it NOW!’.

So, although still juggling the pressures of a highly demanding career in the media, Wendy knew she had to complete the third book for a release date of December 1 2009. She’d already spent three years researching for Son of Perdition and knew it was to be a far more complex book than the previous two but a gruelling Summer 2009 saw her tackle the manuscript head on and by mid September ‘ the first draft was complete.

As Wendy says herself – “My whole life has been saturated in the media creating TV Programming and visuals and as a Creative Director so I think I may approach the writing process a little differently – before I see words – I see IMAGES. As soon as I sit down to my computer my mind is invaded with visuals. And I’ve been stunned by how this generation of readers just LOVE the Chronicles stories. I’ve had so many people write and say they’ve never been able to get through an entire book before but they’ve actually been able to SEE the books as they turn the pages, just like they’re watching a movie.

Photo: Viivi N. Media

I write the books with the hope that every reader who really gets into the story is so inspired by the visuals in ‘Chronicles of Brothers’ that as they turn the page, the visuals in the books inspire their OWN movie version of Chronicles in their head. The Chronicles Readers are just incredible – their love and passion for the novels just blows me away! We’re self publishing ‘so we just print and sell’ print and sell – and each sale allows us to print again. I love it – its a real adventure- with many more to come on the chronicles journey I’m sure!”