Hi guys – Just a short update today to say I’m in the middle of writing the PROLOGUE for A PALE HORSE – the first 16 pages include scenes from Area 51, The Vatican Astronomical Observatory and the South Pole Station, Antarctica.

Just wanted to say THANKS such A MILL to all those who have emailed in – can’t tell you how much the team and I appreciate your support! We try to post as many of your emails as we can on the website – just gets so busy sometimes we can’t always keep up – ALSO – IF you haven’t visited our new FACEBOOK CHRONICLES OF BROTHERS READERS Community – you’re so welcome – our face book friends and members are just AMAZING and its growing by word of mouth everyday! We haven’t got to the stage of really marketing it yet so it’s really just for die hard Chronicle fans.

Nick De Vere and I give updates – we’re planning to do more this year – and I’m about to give the whole Chronicles face book site a major redesign hopefully next month!

Well – December was a great month for SON OF PERDITION – it was released out in the UK High Street as well as in independent sci fi general market bookstores and Christian bookstores across the UK and online at Amazon.com, Play.com, and WH Smith.

I think one of the most amazing things we discovered was that SON OF PERDITION has been in the BOOKSELLER (the UK book trade publication) top twenty small publisher’s charts site since early December and was still there in January!  

Then of course the snow came – It got so severe that ‘Son of Perdition’ couldn’t be shipped out of the distributors warehouse to any stores – and then the weather got worse! Glad to report things are running smoothly again so it should be back on the shelves. We so appreciate you sharing with your family, colleagues, friends to get the word out.

And finally – To answer some of your questions re Book Four – Themes covered will include UFO Disclosure and govt cover up; the Rapture; the War in Heaven between Michael and Lucifer, build up to the breaking of the ‘Ishtar Accord’ struck with Israel after 42 months… And of course the relationship between both the earthly and Angelic brothers and much more!

Okay – have to get back to the PROLOGUE and AREA 51!

lol Wendy        

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