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Dear friends – This is just a very quick blog to let you know that I’m RIGHT in the middle of writing SON OF PERDITION and that’s why you haven’t seen an update on here from me – the deadlines are SO pressing because as many of you know I have such a demanding day job as director of television and creative director of GOD TV – so I’ve taken this summer to lay down the story – so most days I have to chose between a decision to blog or to write – and I HAVE TO WRITE!!

I just want to say a million thanks to all of you who have written and touched base in some way – here at the site, MySpace and on Facebook!

We’ve got over a THOUSAND of your comments that have come straight to the Chronicles website waiting to be POSTED – (we’ll do this just before the launch in November but please keep them coming – I can’t tell you how fantastic it’s been to hear from so many of you!) and I managed to get the time to sneak a look at Facebook – 610 members – 71 posts – and FORGIVE US – we’re too busy to develop any of our sites at this moment in time – so it’s all just out there in the ether at the moment and it seems you amazing fans of the books have just happened to find each other! You guys are just incredible!

It’s just been so hectic here! We’ll give the Chronicles site a real overhaul in November before Son of Perdition is released and we’ll post masses of all the new comments – and in the New Year I’m really hoping to employ a small web design team near me so that I can also start designing some CHRONICLES merchandise!

But for NOW – here’s an update on the BOOK.

Okay – it was tough going earlier this year.

I wrote the first hundred pages during December 2008 and Easter holidays 2009.

I was intending to take the whole of December/January to continue but everything changed and we found ourselves moving from the UK back to the USA to Washington DC! I wrote for about three weeks in Feb/March and then back full swing into work and then a second move – packing everything up and unpacking – out to can you believe it the Midwest plains of America! But it’s really beautiful and I absolutely love it!

My research into the Book of Revelation, black ops and drug cartels and many other core subjects tackled in fantasy in the book started over two years ago, so I’ve been absorbing myself in reams of research over a long period of time. My library is full!

Since the last two weeks of June I completely locked myself away and have been writing very long grueling days…I’m now up to Page – 335 which equates to around 390 pages in real book terms.

The earth story with Nick, Jason and Adrian is developing really well and the first draft is complete.

The story goes back to 1991, when Nick is five, Adrian 13 and Jason 18. Then jumps 27 years to 2021. The same time period as the excerpts from Messiah – the First Judgment.

The entire earth story revolves around Nick, Adrian, Jason, Julia, Princess Jotape, Lillian and Lawrence St Cartier. And I’ve introduced some new characters that I LOVE and am really excited about – especially with all you guys who write to me and are passionate followers of CHRONICLES who are 14-25!

Alex Lane Fox is 19. His mother (Julia De Vere’s best friend) was killed in 9-11 and he’s a young journalist and an obsessive conspiracy theorist. He’s going out with Polly, 16 who is Lily de Vere’s (15) best friend.

Jibril, 16 is Jotape’s younger brother. His story really unfolds in books 4, 5 and 6.

Alex and Lily are set to take a major role in Books 4, 5, 6 and 7. As do Jason and Julia.

But really – Son of Perdition is Nick’s story. There are quite a few twists and turns. And quite a cliffhanger at the end! The Book is set in London, New York, Alexandria, Brighton, Washington DC and Jerusalem and the later earth story is set in 2021 just as World war three has finished.

The Ishtar accord is about to be signed. A seven year peace treaty between Israel, Russia, the Pan Arab Union, the EU and the USA.

Now I’m in the middle of tackling the challenge of incorporating the Fist Heaven and Gehenna around 2021. I’ve pretty much written a third of the heaven story back with Jether and the High councils, Michael and Gabriel. And have completed the first sweep of several chapters when the Twins of Malfecium ride from the Crypts of Nagor to Lucifer. To inform him that there is one in the Race of Man now has the technology and expertise to create Lucifer’s clone.

And finally both Jether and the Angelic and Lucifer and the fallen frequent the earth in 2021.

Lucifer as Jesuit priest Lorcan de Molay and Jether as……the book will reveal all.

I’ve also just completed the back cover copy which we’ll try to post for you here on the site.

A million apologies that the website has remained in limbo – but because we’re self publishing – and are so stretched, we are going crazy at all ends to get everything organized for the completion and production of this book by December 1st! The fact that I have so many other projects that constantly demand my attention creates a challenge, but a shift is coming and I really believe I can devote more time to develop CHRONICLES in so many ways!

But more than anything, I just want to thank so many of you who have contacted and written via the website, face book and MySpace. Your overriding passion and fervency for the story has meant such a lot and kept me going when I have been exhausted and things have been grueling.

I can’t thank you enough. Really. Your love and support means the world to me. And for those who pray for me – I appreciate it so very much!

Okay. One blog in six months. Not bad! I’ll try to do it more often but for now – I have to get back to work on the chapter when Nick discovers that his grandfather Julius De Vere was a Warlock High priest who has an indelible mark signifying selling his soul to the devil. More will be revealed………..

From the sunny Midwest

For the King and His Kingdom…