A HUGE WELCOME to our brand new .com site – I’m a creative visual junkie and have been intensively designing every graphic and line of the new website with our design and technical team, delving into old and current portfolios of Chronicles conceptual drawings – with the goal to bring YOU, the Chronicle readers a visual site that more accurately reflects both the look and excitement of the CHRONICLES PROJECT!

I also just wanted to drop a note to say such a HUGE thank you to those of you who have so loved the Chronicles of Brothers and had been so patient in waiting for Book Two!

We here at the Chronicles base are all so excited about at LAST being able to release Messiah – The First Judgement into the market. Profound apologies for the delay – As many of you may have guessed – we are self publishing! So it’s been simply amazing to have the book available in Waterstones and Borders (now in store after a hold up) and in so many of the UK’s general market independent sci fi / fantasy bookstores as well as online at,, and just to name a few!

We are all so excited about the launch of MESSIAH here in London and one of the most brilliant things that has happened has been the fact that from the second week of launch – MESSIAH – THE FIRST JUDGEMENT was in the top ten WATERSTONES SCI FI/FANTASY charts for nearly four consecutive weeks even climbing up to number two for four days in a row!

One extremely ‘fervent’ follower of the Chroniclers got in touch to tell us it even went to number one (at around an extremely obscure time in the morning for a whole hour! – obviously when all Terry Prachett and Phillip Pullmans fans were sound asleep and some amazing insomniac Chroniclers bought online and Messiah raced ahead!) If I’d known I would have stayed up with my digital camera and filmed the top ten chart for posterity, but no – even though I have never exercised in my entire life – Without fail I enjoyed my usual sound, unshakeable nine hours of sleep and the whole event passed me by without a trace.

But of course – now here is the thing – and as this is my own intermittent blog – I shall intermittently share my next languishing episode of this particular saga.

I had just finished writing the above being interrupted to do a London radio interview re: Messiah, and on resuming my blog, logged on to view Messiah’s positioning to ensure my blog facts were up to date… well, the great fantasy chart rider( alias W.A.) logged on five minutes ago and whereas yesterday Messiah was sandwiched in at number five between Phillip Pullman Subtle Knife and his Amber Spyglass – at this present moment in earths time line (as I write my blog) – the great fantasy chart rider’s book has effectively vanished into the outer ether of non chartland. The great fantasy chart rider is also too chicken to go further down than ten in the chart on the offchance that suddenly Messiah has plummeted to the outer boundaries of ten thousand in the raging black ether of oblivion.

Okay! ..froth aside….. the truth is that we are all so thrilled at the Chronicles base – that whether Messiah is in or off the charts – we’re just supremely excited, grateful and completely PASSIONATE about the whole Chronicles PROJECT.

Already the reviews have been so encouraging and fantastic feedback from readers around the UK is starting to flood in. O yes – of course there will be some naysayers – haven’t seen them yet but they always arrive! [especially in our wonderfully sometimes cynical nation of Great Britain! Wouldn’t expect anything less!]

We always love to get your feedback, and we’ll be starting a section on the site called CHRONICLES Q&A – so DO email me anything you want to about the books… I’ll be sharing some answers to readers questions as well as sharing some really interesting facts about the book MESSIAH – such as – There really WAS a King Aretas 4th of Petra ..and he DID have a daughter who was married to Herod Antipas and repudiated (divorced!)… more on CHRONICLES Q & A on this site.

Another incredible document I found was one that I felt was definitely a worthy rival of the Da Vinci Code or the Lost Gospel of Judas and I have drawn from it in this work of fiction . It is a document called THE GOSPEL OF NICODEMUS, OR ACTS OF PILATE where Annas, Caiaphas, Joseph and Gamaliel interviewed the sons of Simeon who had been resurrected from the dead at the exact time of Christs cruxifiction, in the Jerusalem synagogue.

This article which is a widely accepted part of the Apocrapha substantiates that two eyewitnesses who were previously dead in their tombs were resurrected in Jerusalem and actually witnessed SEEING Christ in Hades. The full article is thought provoking to say the least – we’ll post it soon.

Anyway – this is just a quick note to touch base with you – welcome you to our site and let you know that we’d simply love to hear from you – For our rapidly growing Chronicles family – Messiah – the First Judgement is dedicated to those of you who loved the story and “got it” – and to thank you for your passion for the story.

I would receive comments from your postings on the web and in the hardest moments of writing at weekends and evenings, your love for the story kept me going!

Just to let you know – I’ve already started writing SON OF PERDITION – the story of Nick, Adrian and Jason De Vere – Lucifer comes down to earth in 2021 as the Black Pope – Ruler of the Illuminati, Jether comes down as… SIGH!!! – for that you’ll have to wait till book three…

With Much love sitting at my desk… Write me – I’ll be back blogging again… well… sometime soon…