The Film Project

The ‘CHRONICLES OF BROTHERS’ project was conceptualized in 1999 and first saw the light of day in a screenplay format the ‘BROTHERS FILM TRILOGY PROJECT’. Wendy was trained in screenplay writing one on one by one of UCLA’s leading screenplay tutors and wrote numerous rewrites of the first screenplay ‘BROTHERS ‘ THE FALL OF LUCIFER’ in evenings and weekends through the early 2000’s. Simultaneously she collaborated with a major design studio in Newcastle England- one of three accredited Disney and Dreamworks studios to create the first ‘CHRONICLES’ Archangels illustrations.

The frenetic demands on Wendys time as creative director and programming controller in the rapidly expanding global television network GOD TV meant that plans to put the film project into pre production had to be delayed, but in spite of her grueling creative schedule, in 2005, Wendy decided to develop the project into a three book epic fantasy series ‘CHRONICLES OF BROTHERS’ as a way for her to lay down the entire storyline as a basis for a later movie trilogy.

Alec not only re-frames pre-history, she also imaginatively illustrates how the realm of spirit impacts the material world. – Mark Ordesky (Executive Producer – Lord of the Rings)

The Chronicles of Brothers has been endorsed by filmmakers Mark Ordesky (Executive Producer for Lord of the Rings) and Ileen Maisel (Executive Producer for The Golden Compass)

“Like the novels of Dan Brown and Graham Hancock, Wendy Alec’s “Chronicles Of Brothers” series expands the way one sees the world. Alec not only re-frames pre-history, she also imaginatively illustrates how the realm of spirit impacts the material world. Vividly weaving biblical interpretation with historical research and original story-telling on a grandly cinematic scale, “Son Of Perdition” follows the stories of three angelic brothers–Lucifer, Michael and Gabriel–and reveals how their parallel destiny with three mortal brothers of a dynastic Illuminati family is destined to bring about monumental events on Earth and in Heaven. There could be no bigger canvas for film-making.”


Long before Rory and I co founded GOD TV in London, our over riding passion was to produce A grade high concept commercial movies into the secular marketplace. When we were still in our twenties, our background was in radio and TV commercial production, where on the TV production side, we had extremely high budgets to spend on 30 seconds of stunning visual. This period led to a passion for A grade film making which has never left us.

The long term goal of seeing Chronicles produced for the silver screen, is to create the seven book fantasy series into a FILM TRILOGY that will encompass the epic proportions of GLADIATOR and LORD OF THE RINGS, the legendary feel to Batman Begins, the action/drama aspect of Mission Impossible 3 and the TV series ‘ 24 ‘(especially for SON OF PERDITION) with production design similar to Chronicles of Riddick for the Hellworlds and design for the First Heaven of such epic fantasy proportions that we hope to create an entirely new genre, even as Peter Jackson did creating Lord of the Rings.

The challenge is that I will only be able to complete the first screenplay when the entire storyline for SON OF PERDITION is complete. As we’ll only then be able to take a final decision as to whether we start the movie trilogy from the inception of time with THE FALL OF LUCIFER or whether we start with SON OF PERDITION with 3 earthly brothers and work forwards and then backwards as in STAR WARS!

Son of Perdition and a Pale Horse are now complete.  Meetings in Hollywood are lining up Рand capital is being raised for the development phase.