EARTH: 2021
The De Vere Dynasty—Family

  • Jason De Vere — (mid 40s), eldest brother, De Vere dynasty.
    • Place of birth: New York, U.S.A.
    • U.S. media tycoon. Chairman, owner, and CEO of multibillion-dollar media corporation VOX Entertainment. Owns a third of the Western world’s television and newspaper empires. Married to Julia St. Cartier for twenty years. One daughter, Lily De Vere. Divorced.
    • Current residence: Penthouse, Central Park, New York.
  • Adrian De Vere — (late 30s), middle brother, De Vere dynasty.
    • Place of (recorded) birth: London, England.
    • Ex-prime minister of the United Kingdom (Labour, two terms), newly appointed president of the European Union (ten-year term). Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Currently negotiating the Ishtar Accord — the Third World War peace treaty. Married to Melissa Vane Templar for five years. Melissa deceased in childbirth. One son, Gabriel, deceased.
    • Current residence: Winter Palace of the European president, Mont St. Michel, Normandy, France.
  • Nick De Vere — (late 20s), youngest brother, De Vere dynasty.
    • Place of birth: Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
    • Archaeologist, celebrity playboy. Dying of AIDS. No children. Currently in relationship with Jotapa, princess of the royal house of Jordan. Previous relationship: Klaus Von Hausen, senior curator of Department of the Middle East, British Museum.
    • Current residences: penthouses, Los Angeles, New York, London.
  • James De Vere — Father of Jason, Adrian, and Nick De Vere. Deceased.
  • Lilian De Vere — (mid 70s), chair of the De Vere Foundation. Mother of Jason, Adrian, and Nick De Vere. Current residences: penthouse, New York; mansions, Oxfordshire and London.
  • Julius De Vere — grand master of the Brotherhood. Warlock. Chairman of De Vere Continuation Holdings AG. Father of James De Vere. Grandfather to Jason, Adrian, and Nick De Vere. Deceased.
  • Julia St. Cartier — (early 40s), former editor of Cosmpolitan. Present, founder/CEO of LOLA PR. Major clients: England Football Team and European Union Presidential Office. Married to Jason De Vere for twenty years. Mother to Lily De Vere. Divorced. Seeing Callum Vickers. Current residences: seafront town house, Brighton, England; Artists’ Colony, New Chelsea, London.
  • Lily De Vere — (16), Julia and Jason De Vere’s daughter. Confined to a wheelchair following a car accident (Nick De Vere driving). Student at Roedean School for Girls, Brighton, England.
  • Melissa Vane Templar De Vere — Adrian’s wife. Died in childbirth.
  • Rosemary De Vere — James De Vere’s half-sister, Lilian’s companion.
  • Maxim — James and Lilian De Vere’s butler.
  • Pierre and Beatrice Didier — James and Lilian De Vere’s chauffeur and housekeeper. Currently working for Adrian De Vere at Mont St. Michel, Normandy.

The De Vere Dynasty
— Extended Circle —
Friends, Associates

  • Lawrence St. Cartier — (early 80s), Jesuit priest; retired CIA; antiquities dealer. Julia St. Cartier’s uncle. Residence: Cairo, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Alex Lane-Fox — (20) son of Rachel Lane-Fox. Investigative journalist in training, working at the Guardian, London. Starting at New York Times, January 2022. Close family friend of Julia, Jason, and Lily De Vere.
  • Rachel Lane-Fox — supermodel. Julia’s best pal. Killed aboard aircraft in 9/11 attack.
  • Rebekah and David Weiss — Rachel Lane-Fox’s parents.
  • Polly Mitchell — (17), Lily De Vere’s best friend. Alex Lane-Fox’s girlfriend.
  • Klaus Von Hausen — youngest senior curator of Department of the Middle East, British Museum. Former lover of Nick De Vere.
  • Charles Xavier Chessler — (mid 80s), warlock. Former chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank. President of World Bank. Retired. Jason De Vere’s godfather.
  • Callum Vickers — (early 30s), top London neurosurgeon. Seeing Julia de Vere.
  • Dylan Weaver — genius IT specialist holding high-level freelance positions with global banks, institutions, and various software companies. Nick De Vere’s old school friend.
  • Jontil Purvis — (late 50s), long-term executive assistant to Jason De Vere — nineteen years.
  • Levine and Mitchell — Jason De Vere’s aides.
  • Kurt Guber — first head of security at Downing Street, now director of EU Special Services Security Operations. Exotic-weapon specialist.
  • Neil Travis — former SAS, chief of security for Adrian De Vere.
  • Anton — Adrian De Vere’s butler.
  • Father Alessandro — Vatican priest and scientist from the Vatican.
  • Frau Vghtred Meeling — Austrian employee of De Vere household. Nanny to Jason, Adrian, and Nick. Also, Abbess Helewis Vghtred.
  • Brother Francis — monk, Alexandria, Egypt.

The Brotherhood (Illuminati)

  • His Excellency Lorcan De Molay — former superior general of the Jesuit order. Supreme high priest of the Brotherhood, Jesuit priest. Birthplace: indeterminate. Current age: indeterminate. Current places of residence: London, Washington, D.C., Rome.
  • Kester Von Slagel (Baron) — Lorcan De Molay’s emissary.
  • Piers Aspinall — Head of MI6/British intelligence.
  • Charles Xavier Chessler — former chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank. President of World Bank. Retired.
  • Ethan St. Clair — grand master of the Scottish Brothers.
  • Dieter Von Hallstein — former German chancellor.
  • Naotake Yoshido — Chairman of Japan’s Yoshido banking dynasty.
  • Raffaello Lombardi — patriarch of the black nobility family of Venice. Director of Vatican Bank.
  • Julius De Vere — grand master of the Brotherhood. Warlock. Chairman of De Vere Continuation Holdings AG. Father of James De Vere. Grandfather to Jason, Adrian, and Nick De Vere. Deceased.
  • Jaylin Alexander — former executive director of the Central Intelligence Agency.
  • Commander General Omar B. Maddox — NORAD commander.
  • Gonzalez — U.S. Secret Service Presidential Protective Detail.
  • Lewis — deputy secretary of defense.
  • Drew Janowski — special assistant to the president for Defense Policy and Strategy.
  • Werner Drechsler — president of the World Banks.
  • Vincent Carnegie

The Royal House of Jordan

  • King of Jordan — Jotapa, Faisal, and Jibril’s father. Deceased (heart attack).
  • Jotapa — (22), princess of Jordan. In relationship with Nick De Vere. Namesake of ancient Princess Jotapa, who lived over 2,000 years ago.
  • Jibril — (16), Jordanian king’s younger son. Appointed crown prince.
  • Faisal — Jordanian king’s older son.
  • Safwat — head of security and Jotapa’s personal bodyguard.
  • Crown Prince Mansoor of Arabia.

Other Characters

  • Professor Hamish MacKenzie — Scottish genetic scientist, world expert on animal and hybrid cloning.
  • Jul Mansoor — grandson of Abdul-Qawi, Bedouin archaeologist.
  • Abdul-Qawi Aka Jedd — Bedouin archaeologist.
  • Matt Barto — VOX’s Teheran bureau chief.
  • Jordan Maxwell III — investment banker, Neal Black Securities.
  • Powell — Neal Black’s vice president of IT.
  • Von Duysen — colleague of Jordan Maxwell.
  • Laurent Chastenay — assistant to Adrian.

First Heaven

  • Jesus — Christos, the Nazarene.
  • Michael — chief prince of the royal household of Yehovah, commander in chief, First Heaven’s armies, president of the Warring Councils.
  • Gabriel — chief prince of the royal house of Yehovah, lord chief justice of Angelic Revelators.
  • Jether — imperial warrior and ruler of the twenty-four ancient monarchs of the First Heaven and High Council. Chief steward of Yehovah’s sacred mysteries.
  • Xacheriel — Ancient of Days curator of the sciences and universes, one of the twenty-four kings under Jether’s governance.
  • Lamaliel — member of the Ruling Council of Angelic Elders.
  • Issachar — member of the Ruling Council of Angelic Elders.
  • Methuselah — member of the Ruling Council of Angelic Elders.
  • Maheel — member of the Ruling Council of Angelic Elders.
  • Joktan — ruler of Gabriel’s Revelator Eagles.
  • Obadiah, Dimnah — younglings — an ancient angelic race with characteristics of eternal youth and a remarkable inquisitiveness, expressly designed as apprentices to assist the ancient ones in their custodianship of Yehovah’s countless new galaxies.
  • Sandaldor — Gabriel’s general.
  • Zadkiel — Gabriel’s general.
  • Zalialiel — guard of the Portal of Shinar.

The Fallen

  • Lucifer — Satan, king of Perdition. Tempter; adversary; sovereign ruler of the Race of Men, Earth, and the nether regions.
  • Charsoc — dark apostle, chief high priest of the Fallen. Governor of the Grand Wizards of the Black Court and the dreaded Warlock Kings of the West.
  • Marduk — head of the Darkened Councils and Lucifer’s chief of staff.
  • The Twin Wizards of Malfecium — the grand wizard of Phaegos and the grand wizard of Maelageor. The superscientists.
  • Mulabalah — ruler of the Black Murmurers.
  • Astaroth — commander in chief of the Black Horde. Michael’s former general.
  • Moloch — satanic prince, Butcher of Perdition.
  • Sargon the Terrible of Babylonia — champion of Gehenna, great prince of Babylonia.
  • Balberith — Lucifer’s chief attendant.
  • Nisroc the Necromancer — Keeper of Death and the Grave.
  • The Dark Cabal grand wizards — 666 Black Murmurers.
  • Dracul — ruler of the Warlocks of the West, and ancient leader of the Time Lords.
  • Nephilim — A hybrid between the angelic and the Race of Men.