Well finally SON OF PERDITION is out in the UK High Street as well as in independent sci fi general market bookstores and Christian bookstores across the UK and online at Amazon.com,Play.com, WH Smith – the list goes on!

We’ve been so frantically busy in launch mode these past two weeks that we almost missed the amazing news that as of 19 Dec – re BOOKSELLER –the UK’s book trade publication –  SON OF PERDITION had hit no 10 on the UK small publisher charts – out of the ENTIRE UK book market! 

Just amazing! The deadline to reach the UK market was so tight – we’re all so relieved we just made it!

And just to give you a bit of “behind the scenes” info – believe me it was no less frantic, six weeks before launch – I wrote “Son of Perdition” over the entire summer – wall to wall, in Kansas in the Midwest of America– then my FINAL version of the book went off to be copy edited – spells, punctuation etc – I had about THREE days to turn it all around after getting it back off for FINAL typesetting- then it went back and forth via e-mail about thirty times with corrections (I was in Washington DC – filming at the time!)

At the same time, the book covers were already being printed as we knew we’d be in a desperate race against time for the general market UK deadlines.

The final manuscript was then e-mailed to the printers in Scotland who printed it in a phenomenal turnaround time! Meanwhile I flew from DC to Boston to Ireland for business and picked up the very first copies of Son of Perdition from our hotel in Dublin!

It was so amazing to actually hold them in my hand!

The truck carrying the first shipment of books drove down to our UK distributors in the South of the UK on Friday and they started going out into the distribution hubs the first week of December!

Because it was all so tight, it’s taken some time for the books to populate the stores – but they’re there now on shelves or online sites across the UK!

‘Water stones’ upgraded the book to ‘super tier’ after the first ten days, which is amazing – so such a huge thank you for all your support and enthusiasm! Appreciate you SO much!

We’ve just arrived back from Ireland-settling down for Christmas and then in the New Year I’m going to open Book Four – A PALE HORSE in the beautiful but Wild West of Ireland with Jason driving to meet with…!

If you’ve read SOP – you’ll guess where that’s heading!

Wishing you all the most WONDERFUL Christmas with your families – and if you may be one who finds yourself alone – and maybe a bit blue over the Christmas season– you’re part of our great Chroniclers family and you know –

‘There is someone who is watching over YOU’ – You’re never




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